Rory Alvarez Folk Art
Whimsical Woodcarvings
Southwest Contemporary Folk Art

Rabbits, Cats, Vulcher, and Roadrunners, Horses and Donkeys, Cows, Bulls/Steers, longhorns, Buffalo, Armadillos



During my developing stages of woodcarving, I found my own UNIQUE style as a woodcarver. 
My carvings are contemporary; however, one might call my style as humorous, conversational,
whimsical, cartoonish look of art.  I carve my pieces by hand (use spruce, white and sugar pine woods). 
Each carving, for example, has 11 to 24 body parts or more.
I try not only create my own style, but character and personality were inserted in my animals. 
I not only wanted to create my animals so unique, but also in the painting of the sculptures in which
it has also become my "trademark".  My wife, Ruby, helps me paint.
“I really enjoy my work as it allows me to use my imagination and creativity on my woodcarvings. 
I’m always exploring for new ideas to improve my techniques and make it a style all my own, making
it my trademark.”  I give God the glory as he has given me this wonderful gift.


1st day:     I start with a block of wood, by laminating the body.  I use a band saw to cut out all my pieces, which later I diagram all my pieces to the body to each individual piece need to be cut to the body.  Then I cut the body areas to which the pieces need to fit after grinding and sanding each individual piece.

2nd day:    I assemble each piece using a wood glue and screws, then I make a special paste to fill in all the joints to sculpt, contour or give definition to shoulders, arms or wherever is needed to contour the body to give the life to my animals, and then

3rd dayI sand and buff by hand till smooth and paint.













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